The Cover Story

What ultimately sells books? A catchy title and an attractive cover design. Yes, that’s right! Most people do judge books by their covers. No matter how great the story is or how informative a guide, people will rarely pick out and want to read a book with a bad cover design. So, if your book has a bad cover design, there is little hope of it becoming a bestseller! I think I can confidently say that the most important part of your book is the cover.

While you would want to make your cover design as attractive as possible, it should be effective as well. This means that while the cover should catch a person’s eye, it should also give him/her an insight into what the book is all about. Who said designing book covers was an easy job?

Here are some great cover designs:

Gone with The Wind – Note the melancholy tone.

A Time to Kill – The title is catchy enough. The image suggests someone has been killed and there is a difficult trial. Note the simplicity of the design.

The Little Price – Note the contradiction between the title and the image.

One – Note how the sky and the ocean are merging. The image complements the title perfectly.

The Lord of the Rings – Note the undertone of “mystery” and “adventure” in the cover design.

Whether you decide to use graphics or images for your book cover, you should give the process of designing it great importance. After all, book cover will be the first impression a potential reader has of your book.