Modern Sofa Designs

What is a good sofa design? Sofas can be designed to be very comfortable… those that one would sink into and never want to get up. Some sofas are designs to be part of the backdrop Continue reading

Wine Rack Designs

Wine racks have been used over the years. But they have also evolved during these years in terms of design. From being used as a storage device, wine racks have now become an item to adorn a living room. It can add the element of style and elegance to any room. Any connoisseur of wine would definitely have a wine rack to display the best wines. Continue reading

The Smallest Flash Drive Out On The Market

The company Super Talent Technology announced 3cm USB flash memory, which allegedly was the smallest in the world. PICO-C Gold is more like a fashion accessory than a flash drive. The hull of the device is plated with 24 carat gold.

USB memory is as small memory card format SD – h12 has sizes 31 mm, and its capacity reaches 8 GB. The manufacturer claimed that PICO-C Gold is waterproof. The flash drive is expected to cost about 40 dollars.

New Type Of Flat Screens By Sony

The Japanese giant Sony announced plans to place on the market FED flat panels, which are an alternative to the OLED. The new type of display was developed by the company Field Emission Technologies Inc. (FE Technologies), in which Sony has a share of 37%. Continue reading

Acer With A New Line Of Multimedia Laptop

Asus, Taiwanese company, marketed a new powerful laptop. F8Va model is designed based on an Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 with processor of 2,53 GHz.

The machine has 14.1 – inch screen with resolution 1440×900 pixels. Quality graphics is provided by ATI Radeon HD3650.

The laptop is configured with 320 GB SATA hard disk and memory capacity to reach 4 GB. There are also web camera, Blu-ray optical hard drive and HDMI output.

F8Va is expected in the market at the end of July, but the price has not yet been announced. Asus online success is known with its cheap mini laptop Eee PC, which had formed a new market segment.

John McCain’s Real Estate

Here you can see pictures from the previous house of the candidate for president of the United States, John McCain. Of course, if you have 12 million dollars, you can buy it, especially if you want to go in the bed of the presidential candidate.

Apparently John McCain loves luxury because his home is definitely one. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the house of McCain is the real Arizona dream house; seven bedrooms, a guest house, two large pools and even spa-center. The kitchen is based on a model of gourmet restaurants, also fire places are in the baroque style.

Until 2006, it was the only home of the candidate for president of the United States. Then he sold it for 3.75 million dollars. Today’s its owner clearly benefit from the reputation of McCain and the real estate is for sale for 12 million dollars.

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