Euro 2008 Tournament And Ball Designs

With the Euro 2008 final between Spain versus Germany coming up this weekend here is some information and pictures for all the soccer fans of the “ball”. Learn more about how its design has evolved during the years and what are the regulations and rules of the ball.

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Cities On The Sea

Jacque Fresco is an industrial engineer, architectural designer, social engineer and futurist based in Florida. A major theme of his is the concept of a ‘resource-based economy’ that replaces the need for the scarcity-oriented monetary economy we have now. If you want to see and learn more about his work check the Future By Design film by William Gazecki.


Newsletter Designs

Creating / selecting a good newsletter design is very important. This is important not only because a good design will help attract readers, but also because the design will not change over several newsletters. So, it is important to make your newsletter design as effective as it is attractive in order to make your publication more impressive. Continue reading

Fire Typography

Check this unique and creative way on how to put the whole alphabet “on fire”. It looks like the guy whos doing it isnt’ afraid of fire and has a unbelivable patients. Continue reading

Inspirational Photo – Geneva

Look at this photo from Geneva, Switzerland. It looks like someone decided to “freeze time”. What were the owners of the cars thinking? “I’ll probably skip work today”. Unbelievable. And again that proves that “mother nature” is the best designer of us all. Continue reading