Fire Typography

Check this unique and creative way on how to put the whole alphabet “on fire”. It looks like the guy whos doing it isnt’ afraid of fire and has a unbelivable patients. Continue reading

Inspirational Photo – Geneva

Look at this photo from Geneva, Switzerland. It looks like someone decided to “freeze time”. What were the owners of the cars thinking? “I’ll probably skip work today”. Unbelievable. And again that proves that “mother nature” is the best designer of us all. Continue reading

Modern Sofa Designs

What is a good sofa design? Sofas can be designed to be very comfortable… those that one would sink into and never want to get up. Some sofas are designs to be part of the backdrop Continue reading

Wine Rack Designs

Wine racks have been used over the years. But they have also evolved during these years in terms of design. From being used as a storage device, wine racks have now become an item to adorn a living room. It can add the element of style and elegance to any room. Any connoisseur of wine would definitely have a wine rack to display the best wines. Continue reading