5 Resources For Free Vector Designs

Okay, so what is a vector design anyway? An image is made up of dots. The closer the dots are to each other and the smaller the dots are, the higher would be the resolution. Often, when you enlarge an image, it becomes hazy. However, this problem does not occur with vector graphics. What vector graphics do to achieve this is to store the lines, shapes and colors of the image as mathematical formulae. So, even when an image is enlarged, these mathematical formula would be used to construct the image, resulting in a high quality image.

Imagine if you wanted to showcase your company’s products and you could let the user enlarge the image for better viewing without reducing the resolution of the image! Vector designs are gaining popularity, since it adds great value in displaying products and maps, for interior designers and architects and especially for screen printing on T-shirts.

Here are some resources that offer free vector designs. You just have to try them out!

Vecteezy – This site has some really cool vector designs for you. You can get more than 500 designs to download, absolutely free! The site is updates very regularly. So, keep checking for new vector designs.

GoMedia Feed Vectors – This site offers vector packs. So, you can download a pack at a time and get several vector designs. You can also buy vector designs from this site.

Freevectors – Check out this gallery of free vector graphics! All the images on this site are free for personal use and a lot of them are free for commercial use as well.

Vector Portal – This is a great place to find a lot of information about vector graphics as well as find free vector images. The stock is huge, so check out the site when you have a lot of time on your hands.

EduPlace – You can download these vector designs for personal or classroom use. The site offers an extensive collection of maps.

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Websites To Find Design Jobs

A career in the design industry is anything but easy. If you are a graphic design student trying to carve out your niche or a professional designer wanting to better your prospects, the task at hand is equally difficult.

It is vital to thoroughly understand the job description before you agree to joining any web design company. While some companies may have a team of designers, others may have only a couple. The kind of projects and the level of involvement of each web designer may vary. Moreover, job titles can be misleading. This is a rapidly changing industry. So, roles and job responsibilities also keep evolving.

Searching for a job in the web design sector can be as challenging as doing the job itself! However, there are several websites that you can seek help from during your job search. You can also use these websites to update you about the latest job postings by top companies.

Here are some useful websites to make your search simpler:

Coroflot – This site has more than 700 job listings. You can place your portfolio here and also look at the portfolios uploaded by other designers.

Authentic Jobs – This site has a huge range of full time and freelance jobs. If you are looking forward to work with companies like The Motley Fool, ESPN and Sony BMG, then this site has things that would interest you.

Job Openings – This is also a great place to find your dream design job. Lost of opportunities are listed here. The site has several postings by some of the leaders, like Apple and 3M.

Smashing Magazine – You can find a variety of jobs from across the globe here.

Design Related – This is a good site with easy navigation and a number of jobs from across the US.

Krop – Jobs for Designers, Artists, and Developers with instant search tool. All Krop jobs are also broadcast across our creative employment network.

Crunch Board – The CrunchBoard job board gives you access to millions of technology and business savvy readers of TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, CrunchGear and other top technology blogs.

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