Funny Tees With Great Design

I’m sure you have numerous t-shirts in your wardrobe. Many of us don’t think of T-shirts as style statements. After all, how many of our T-shirts actually say something really really cool? Many of us believe T-shirts are meant only for comfort. How many of us have ones that make heads turn? Continue reading

4 Excellent WordPress Themes For Video Bloggers

You might be looking for a nice themes you can use for you next video blog. WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platforms and video blogs becoming more popular each day here are 4 video blog themes for WordPress that you might like.

Quommunication Video – This one is brought to you by the same guy the created one of the most popular WP themes Quomm Continue reading

10 Cool Car Wallpapers

Did you know that the wallpaper on your computer screen reflects a lot about your personality? Yes, I’ve noticed that people who are outgoing have wallpapers with bright colors, while people who are introverts tend to have wallpapers with natural landscapes. The first thing you see when you boot your computer is the wallpaper. So, it’s a great idea to have a well-chosen wallpaper that would make you smile when you begin your day! But make sure you select a high-resolution wallpaper.

Whatever your passion is, you can find wallpapers to go with it. So, let your passion define your compute Continue reading

8 Inspiring Photographs

If you are keen on learning photography, there are various ways in which you can do that. You can learn this creative art by joining a reputable photography school. There you’ll be taught even the minutest details that a good photograph demands. The other way is to go on a road trip with a good camera and lots of time at hand! Continue reading

Top 30 Animated Movies

Even with the technology today (CGI effects) animated movies stay on the top of the favorite movies lists not only for kids but also for adults. Check out these 30 animated movies that have become one of the people’s favorites. Also see who are the people behind them, designing leaders, teams and companies responsible for their excellent design. Continue reading

5 Rules To Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your website, blog or community to be easily searched and found by search engines like Google. If you are a web designer or a blogger, you should follow certain SEO guidelines if you want users to locate your website or blog while searching for relevant stuff. Following SEO rules gives your page a higher ranking by search engines. Continue reading