New Type Of Flat Screens By Sony

The Japanese giant Sony announced plans to place on the market FED flat panels, which are an alternative to the OLED. The new type of display was developed by the company Field Emission Technologies Inc. (FE Technologies), in which Sony has a share of 37%.

FED panels are expected on the market in 2009. They have the advantage to be thinner than the standard flat screens, but also consume less electricity.

The core of FED technology enshrined the principles of the electron tubes (CRT). Hence comes the name and FED panels, known as “thin CRT”. Unlike electron tubes FED covered panels emit light into the impact of millions of small sources of electrons, which makes possible the thin displays.

Furthermore, FED, as OLED screens do not require additional lighting. FED provides high brightness and contrast and the possibility of creating displays with greater dimensions, which is hardly achievable with OLED technology. FED panels will be used to produce TV sets, except for computer monitors. Next year will start production of 17 – FED-inch panels, as Sony plans are to provide for release 40 and 50 – inch models.