Locate Stolen Mobile, Enable Mobile Tracking

Have you ever thought about how you could locate a cell that you have lost or stolen?  cell phone location tracker Today we will proceed to activate mobile tracking. In case of theft or loss, the mobile tracker will help us know where our mobile is. It is important to know, that  mobiles carry it incorporated. On another type of mobile, however, it is necessary to download a program that we will see in another article.

Activating the tracking, what we get is to be able to locate our mobile from the Samsung website to see where it is, block it, erase the data, …

To activate it you will have to follow the following steps:

In any of the options that we press, you can activate the mobile tracker. The following menu will appear with the conditions that you must accept in order to continue

In order to be able to access the website of phone  to search for the mobile, you must have an account created, so if you have already created it, you should log in with it and if not, you would have the option to register.

You must fill out a small form with the email, a password to remember and the date of birth.

Next, we will be marked the options of alert of change SIM and controls remosto, already we will be able to accede to our Internet account to locate Your mobile in case of theft or loss.