Laptop and Computer for Gaming

This type is a very general type of laptop, these can range from being used for business, home uses, light game playing and just an all around basic functioning computer. These usually weigh between 5 and 7 pounds, depending on what’s inside, battery life, size of screen etc. These are great all purpose laptops that allow people to take their work with them and have the ability to do many things. These types come in many shapes and sizes, with varying screen sizes, battery capacities and storage capacities, if you’re looking for a general all-purpose laptop then this is the type you most likely want to look at.

Desktop Replacement:

As the name suggests these are meant to replace the desktop computer, but they really can’t honestly. These types of laptops are meant to do everything a desktop computer can allowing a person to own just this type of laptop, but really no laptop can truly replace a desktop, though they can make an excellent substitute for those that need the power of a desktop on the go. These types of laptops are usually heavy, and really not all that portable unless you consider greater than seven pounds of weight portable. Desktop replacements normally have large screens, powerful processors and all the bells and whistles of a desktop, they are meant for a person to be able to do everything on it that you can do with your desktop. Of course though it is still a laptop and can never truly replace the desktop with it’s functionality and power, and of course the ability to upgrade and easily swap out broken parts as need be.

-Gaming Laptops

These usually fall under the category of desktop replacements as they normally include powerful processors, and high end video cards they can also include dual video cards or SLI configuration. Many of the gaming laptops also come customized with graphics or themed to a certain popular game of the time.