Introducing The IPhone 2.0

Okay, I’ll admit it… I drool every time I lay my eyes on an iPhone! And to think that I hadn’t quite finished drooling over the first phone, when Apple came out with the newiPhone 3G. Steve Jobs unveiled the latest version of the popular handset at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2008 amidst hundreds of developers and attendees and a roaring applause.

And the new iPhone looks so good. The headphone jack is flush with the body, which is now thinner at the edges. Jobs said at the conference that there were really three parts to the new iPhone 2.0 software:

  1. Enterprise: Including push email, calendars, contacts, auto-discovery, global address lookup and remote wipe.
  2. SDK: Allows developers to build applications for the iPhone.
  3. New End-User Features

The graphics are simply amazing. You couldn’t have imagined this quality of graphics from a cell phone until the iPhone 2.0 came along! The handset would let me send out this blog from the phone. How? With TypePad. It’s a pretty good mobile blogging application. It’s easy to use and lets you take pics and send them off to your blog.

Apple has a tie up with Associated Press and one can view news videos on the new iPhone. You can also store info virtually with MobileMe and then access the info (contact details, etc) anytime and from anywhere using the Mac, a PC or the iPhone.

Some new games have also been added… with great graphics. Cool. And if you’re really bored or artistically inclined, you can create your own music with an array of virtual instruments. Lots of applications, which you can get from the Applications Store.

And, of course, the iPhone 3G allows significantly faster browsing. What more can you ask for? Huge applause!!