Five Icon Design Resources

Icons have become so popular that we take them as part of the text. They are widely used on websites to convey a message while saving space. A small icon of a hut conveys so clearly to the user that he/she can reach the homepage by clicking on it. Similarly, the image of a shopping cart is used extensively by ecommerce websites to indicate (without a doubt in the user’s mind) that he/she can add a particular product to the list of things being purchased. While icons are excellent pictographic signifiers, be careful not to overdo it while designing your website. Too many icons grouped together can be very confusing for the user. Also, the icons that you choose should be distinct from other icons on the same page, clear in meaning and easily recognizable.

Here are five resources that offer great icons:

Fast Icon – This site has a huge collection of good icons. There is also a wide range of free icons. They offer caricatures as well.

Glyphlab – This site has more than 600 icons to choose from. The icons here are bold and clear and have a peppy feel about them.

ASPNet Icons – This site offers more than three hundred free icons. These can be used for commercial purposes on websites and web applications.

Utombox – Find some great Web 2.0 icons here.

Pinvoke – The site offers icons that need to be purchased as well as free icons.