Five Best Designed Logos

We all love logos! We see them everywhere and they are the lasting impression we have of the respective companies. But what is a good logo design? To put it simply, a logo should be attractive, while at the same time it should communicate the brand promise of the company. Okay, achieving that is anything but simple.

The latest trend in the world of logos is the 3D effect in the logo design. Some of these logos are quite amazing. The second trend is something that I am particularly partial to is simplicity. The more complex a logo, the more forgettable it is, in my opinion.

Here are some logos that really do a lot to promote the brand image of the companies they represent.

Apple, Inc – This is one of the very few logos in the world that does not use the name of the company. Yet, the Apple logo is the most recognized icon the world over. It’s a great example of how simplicity can work magic!



Wikipedia – This logo clearly brings out the power of the website. The logo conveys that the site tries to cover everything across the world, is available in different languages and the fact that the site has been built by millions contributing a piece to the jigsaw puzzle.






Google Talk – This logo is catchy and spells communication. The use of different colors brings out the wide array of Google’s network.




AT&T – Another great example of 3D and simplicity. The logo conveys that the company has a presence across the globe.






Swisscom – The logo actually rotates and conveys that the company is now offering a range of services, while its operations revolve around one central axis.