How To Bring Unlimited Traffic To Your Adsense Account

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You can easily build a website but getting traffic to your blog is one of the most toughest job. I will show you how to get unlimited traffic to your website in a step by step formula.

  • Step 1 :  Make sure you have your adsense account ready. You can either buy it or get it approved if you have an aged website. Install Google Analytics on his blog , in order to monitor and  analyze its statistics to optimize your blog.
  • Step 2 :  Analyze your adsense blog, yes, but what for?  I offer a 36-page guide on this topic. Please send me a personal message and i can share you the report.
  • Step 3 : Install the extension WordPress SEO by Yoast which will help in SEO optimization for your blog easily. Also bind your blog to Google Webmaster Tools .
  • Step 4  : One of the first way to build backlinks is to get started with Web 2.0 and blog directories.
  • Step 5  : Social networks are important to bring traffic and create a community that follows you everywhere.This also allows you to communicate differently, bringing very close with your readers and adding information to your website.
    • On Facebook: Create a fan page, and also you can create a personal profile page. .
    • On Twitter Create A Tweet Like: Remy gives us  12 formulas to increase its traffic through Twitter .
  • Step 6 :  Booster traffic with Social Networks  and add a vote button at the end of each article .
  • Step 7  : Submit a RSS feed on your blog .
  • Step 8 : Write guest posts on other blogs. You can also write on your own style if you feel like it.
  • Step 9 : Talking to your blog even outside of the Internet, such as creating business cards and distribute them to those around you.
  • Bonus :  Organize a contest to boost its traffic .

If you are following the above steps your adsense account will have monthly high earnings and you don’t need to worry about adsense income anymore.

Try to build a super cool adsense website and everything will be on your side slowly. As i have suggested earlier, try buying an adsense account if you want to get started very fast. There are many more methods to make money with adsense and i will be sharing you everything one by one in the upcoming posts.