AdSense Optimization Includes Filenames Too

If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out why your AdSense creative is showing unrelated ads, check the words in your filename, directory, or even your domain name.

Yes, even those words are counted into the AdSense optimization algorithm.

That means you want to come up with directory names and filenames that are contextually relevant to your content. And use whole words! For example, do not abbreviate “dachshund” as “dach”. Spell it out!

And be mindful of words that have double meanings. For example, “biker” can mean a motorcycle rider or a bicycle rider. You wouldn’t want motorcycle ads showing up on your bicycle blog. In that case, avoid using “biker” as a filename, directory, or even domain name.

If you can’t figure out what words will produce optimum AdSense ads, then just buy adsense account and run a Google search for some words and see what AdWords display. Perhaps keep a list of words that work best, and use those for your directory names and filenames.

Also avoid using foreign words. If you use “escuela” instead of “school”, you might run the risk of having spanish language AdSense on your site.

You can also utilize a coding system of numbers and letters as directory names and filenames if you want to totally remove this element from the AdSense optimization algorithm. Try something like, “HT983KD3445” as a filename. Though I’d recommend using your best keywords instead, you can still resort to this if you somehow need control.