10 Color Tools To Get Your Inspiration Going

The next step after the basic layout for each designer is the color selection. You can always use Photoshop and your personal or clients preferences, however, if you aren’t familiar with what colors go together you might have a big problem starting up your design. Here are 10 color tools that can help you get inspired and give you a head start with your next design.

  • Colour Lovers – Find design inspiration with thousands of palettes and color schemes to fall in love with
  • Color Scheme Generator 2 – http://wellstyled.com/tools/colorscheme2/index-en.html
  • Color Scheme Generator – http://www.colorschemer.com/online.html
  • Color Blender – http://colorblender.com/
  • Color Pallet Generator – Generate A Color Palette For Any Image
  • Color Schemer – Build dazzling color schemes with software from ColorSchemer
  • 4096 Color Wheel – http://www.ficml.org/jemimap/style/color/wheel.html
  • Color Jack – http://www.colorjack.com/sphere/
  • Kuler – http://kuler.adobe.com/
  • Color Hunter – http://www.colorhunter.com/