The Cover Story

What ultimately sells books? A catchy title and an attractive cover design. Yes, that’s right! Most people do judge books by their covers. No matter how great the story is or how informative a guide, people will rarely pick out and want to read a book with a bad cover design. So, if your book has a bad cover design, there is little hope of it becoming a bestseller! I think I can confidently say that the most important part of your book is the cover. Continue reading

10 Color Tools To Get Your Inspiration Going

The next step after the basic layout for each designer is the color selection. You can always use Photoshop and your personal or clients preferences, however, if you aren’t familiar with what colors go together you might have a big problem starting up your design. Here are 10 color tools that can help you get inspired and give you a head start with your next design. Continue reading

Five Best Designed Logos

We all love logos! We see them everywhere and they are the lasting impression we have of the respective companies. But what is a good logo design? To put it simply, a logo should be attractive, while at the same time it should communicate the brand promise of the company. Okay, achieving that is anything but simple. Continue reading

How Much Designers Get Paid In The United States?

This a question that’s been asked again and again over the internet. New designers want to know much they should get paid. A survey by AIGA|AQUENT give you an answer to this question. They have surveyed web and graphic designers from all over the United States and have created a comprehensive report on the topic. Continue reading

Introducing The IPhone 2.0

Okay, I’ll admit it… I drool every time I lay my eyes on an iPhone! And to think that I hadn’t quite finished drooling over the first phone, when Apple came out with the newiPhone 3G. Steve Jobs unveiled the latest version of the popular handset at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2008 amidst hundreds of developers and attendees and a roaring applause.

And the new iPhone looks so good. The headphone jack is flush with the body, which is now thinner at the edges. Jobs said at the conference that there were really three parts to the n Continue reading

The $100 Laptop Redesign

What would you call a laptop that has no mouse and no keyboard? Did you guess it? It’s the redesigned “$100 laptop.” The XO 2.0, designed for the One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) program, is a smaller version of the originally unveiled XO1.0. These laptops look simply awesome! The XO 2.0 is scheduled for a launch in 2010 and definitely looks like it belongs to another era of smooth design and amazing functionality. Continue reading

9 Unusual Business Card Designs

I have seen people doing some really interesting things with their business cards. The basic use of a business card is to give a person your contact details. However, if the business card is unique, the person you give it to is sure to remember you. A great business card can draw a person to your business, support your brand image and make a lasting impression. Continue reading